Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency, Nixle updates will be regularly distributed with up to the minute information.

Barnegat Township enjoys a beautiful geographic location, but like most towns in Ocean County its presence in both the coastal region, the Pine Barrens, and its proximity to a nuclear power generating station requires planning and preparedness on both the part of the residents and the police department.

Past events have taught us that one of the most overlooked items when residents have left their homes during an evacuation is their medication. In the event you are evacuated in the future, remember your meds!

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Coastal Storms
Barnegat is susceptible to coastal storms including nor’easters and tropical storms.

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Much of Barnegat Township is contained within the Pine Barrens, a fire adapted ecosystem. More specifically, Barnegat exists within Plains-Barrens Sub region E of the pine barrens. This region is characterized by broad, sandy uplands with few wetland firebreaks located within the central core of the Pinelands where fires can spread in from all directions, but especially from the west making this the most frequently burned, fire-prone part of the Pinelands. As a result, the most fire-dependent species such as pitch pine, shrub oaks, and sun-loving ground cover dominate here within the most fire-dependent vegetation areas, including dwarf pine plains, pitch pine-shrub oak barrens and pine-oak-shrub oak woodlands.

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Additional information on Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults

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