Traffic Safety


The Traffic Safety Unit was established in 2007 as part of a comprehensive plan to modernize the agency.

Supporting the establishment of the unit was a study conducted in 2007 by incoming Chief Drexler and his staff which showed that between 2002 and 2007 there was a 47% increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents and a 60% increase in the number of motor vehicle complaints in Barnegat Township.

The Traffic Safety Unit is staffed by five highly trained officers who address traffic safety concerns in addition to their full time responsibilities as patrol officers. Some of the traffic safety responsibilities include:

  • Serious Accident Investigation
  • Accident Diagramming
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Compilation and Analysis of Traffic Data
  • Provide Education to Schools, Civic Groups, and other Organizations
  • Sobriety Checkpoints
  • DWI Saturation Patrols
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Enforcement
  • Expert Collision Reconstruction
  • Department Speed Trailers
  • Child Safety Seat Education
  • Research and Pursuit of Grants
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