Being a police officer in Barnegat is a highly coveted and rewarding job which offers a competitive salary, medical benefits, and a pension plan.

Like many things in life, becoming a Barnegat Police Officer starts with a great deal of preparation and effort on the part of the prospective employee. Employment in the law enforcement profession is highly competitive. Successful applicants are often those who have put the most effort into their personal development and physical conditioning.

The hiring process includes a written test, physical fitness test, and oral interview.

The following bullets highlight areas which are critical to successfully completing the application and testing process.


Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of New Jersey and meet all qualifications as stipulated herein and in New Jersey State Statutes.

Sworn employees must maintain residency in the State of New Jersey during their employment with the agency.

Applicants must have 20/20 vision with or without corrective lenses.

Applicants must be appointed on or before their 35th birthday. There are exceptions to the age requirement for former military personnel who served in an area of conflict as well as certain former law enforcement officers.

In order to meet the eligibility requirements, candidates must have either (1) a bachelor’s degree signifying completion of the undergraduate curriculum and graduation from an accredited college or university, or (2) have completed four or more years of active military service with an honorable discharge, or (3) have four years of satisfactory full-time employment, or (4) a current New Jersey SLEO Class II certification or BCPO certification.

Physical Fitness:

Police work is a physically demanding job which requires a physically fit officer. In addition, only an applicant in good physical condition will be able to complete the demanding physical training program at the Ocean County Police Academy.  Because of this, only applicants who can pass a rigorous physical test are considered for employment.

Please follow this link for a video tutorial that explains and demonstrates the proper performance of exercises and associated scoring.

Please follow this link for our physical test scoring guide. While the test is challenging, anyone can pass it with the right amount of dedication and effort.

Barnegat Police Recruitment Plan

Barnegat Township is an Equal Opportunity Employer