Department Divisions

Office of the Chief
The Chief of Police oversees the department and is responsible for all aspects of the day to day operations. His command staff is comprised of a captain and the lieutenants who command each of the department’s three divisions.

The Patrol Division is made up of uniformed officers and has the primary responsibility of  providing for the protection of life and property within Barnegat township. The division is comprised of six platoons of officers who respond to all calls for service within the township around the clock.

A major goal of the division has been the increase of interaction with the community through what is commonly referred to as community policing. Officers are encouraged to build relationships within the community and use resources such as the Bike Unit to interact with the residents on a more personal level.

The patrol division is the backbone of the agency and is where all officers start their careers. Officers must spend at least three years in the patrol division before being eligible for any other assignments.

With the consolidation of the agency due to staffing reductions, what was formerly the Administrative Services Division was removed from the organizational strcture. The responsibilities of that division were transferred to the Patrol Division.

Among the functions now assigned to the Patrol Division is the management of the accreditation program. This includes planning, researching, developing, and promulgating all of the department policies and procedures. It also involves the gathering of thousands of proofs necessary to prove compliance with CALEA standards.

The division also now plans, conducts, and documents the departments full-time training program. This involves mandatory and in-service training for all department officers as well as the 9 week Field Training Officer program that all new officers must successfully complete. The division coordinates nearly 4,000 personnel hours of in-service training annually.

The Investigative Division’s primary responsibility is to conduct investigations of crimes and offenses and prepare criminal cases for prosecution. This is accomplished through various methods including interview and interrogation as well as  processing crime scenes.

While the traditional function of case investigation is important, there are many additional services and responsibilities within the division.

Barnegat’s juvenile crime program mandated by the Attorney General’s Office is responsible for the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency problems as well as the investigation of juvenile cases, crisis counseling, and liaison with the juvenile courts. Our juvenile program has received a great deal of praise and has been a model for other Ocean County departments.

This division also houses the School Resource Officers, who are responsible for the DARE program as well as law enforcement/student interaction at the Barnegat High School and Brackman middle school.

The division also contains the Adult Community Liaison, a Detective who regularly interacts with adult community residents and meeting clubs to facilitate information exchange between the department and the fastest growing demographic in the township.

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